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All members of the Association are accredited civil and commercial Mediators. The information given includes details of members' fields of expertise and based on data provided by those individual members, and where available, CV's can be downloaded. All members are on the respective panels of the Academy of Experts, ADRG or CEDR.

Apart from individual specialisms, any Mediator can mediate in a general commercial or private dispute. Unlike in arbitration or litigation, technical or legal expertise is not always a pre-requisite. The Association does however have a number of Special Interest Groups in areas such as employment and clinical negligence. For full details of the SIGs click here.

The Association does not appoint Mediators outside the Smaller Claims Mediation Scheme, but the Association does provide, on receiving a written request, detailed CV's of relevant Mediators to the specific request. On average 3 to 6 Mediator CV's will be provided. For a Mediator Request Form click here.

Need help with fees?

We operate a scheme to waive mediation fees for charities and other similar organisations. The scheme is free of charge to relevant applicants. If you apply using the form sent or download the Free Mediation Application Form we will look at what the dispute is about and the surrounding circumstances. We will ask you to provide us with the reasons why you consider that you are a suitable applicant. There is no set test and it is entirely in the discretion of ANM to assess the application in terms of charitable, social enterprise or public benefit. The other party or parties means may or may not be relevant although we may have to ask for certain details from them as well.

We then will select a mediator who will arrange a time limited mediation to include preparation as well as meeting time.