Special Interest Groups

Why do we need them?

ANM has both its mediation Panel and its Special Interest Groups as well. We do not necessarily subscribe to the view that all mediators need to be specialists in whatever the dispute is about. But there is an increasing awareness among users of mediation that sometimes parties prefer to have a specialist even though it is unlikely that he or she will be asked to make a decision. Our SIGs also are very involved in developing new areas where mediation and ADR can be used for instance as part of a recognised industry scheme.

What areas do they cover?

Our SIGs are constantly being developed. Currently we have the following specialist areas:

  • Rural Services

  • Technology, Information and Media
    Covering communications / computers / trademarks and copyright disputes.

  • Education
    This covers both higher and lower education to include all aspects of parent/school, university/staff typed disputes

  • Medical and Personal Injury
    Liaises with the NHSLA, the MDU, Legal Services Commission on the one hand and patient bodies such as AVMA on the other

  • Property

  • Financial Services

  • Inheritance and Trusts

  • Construction
    Encourages the development and use of mediation as well as dispute avoidance techniques at a time when parties are being encouraged to work together.

  • Employment & Workplace
    Whilst ACAS has long since been involved in assisted negotiations, the mediators in the true sense are much more proactive. Greatly encouraged by the Government initiatives we are involved.

If you want to know more...

You may be a mediator or a potential user.

In any event please contact the central number 0113 397 0826 for further details.