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Fixed Price Scheme

Small Claim Mediation Service

ANM takes part in the National Mediation scheme. We are pleased to offer the following fixed fee time limited mediations:

Amount you are claiming Fees per party Length of session
£5000 or less £50 + VAT
£100 + VAT
1 hour
2 hours
£5000 to £15,000 £300 + VAT 3 hours
£15,000 – £50,000 £400+ VAT 4 hours

It helps if everyone involved in the dispute agrees to use mediation and specifically the Scheme before they approach us as this helps enormously. Click here for the very simple application form Provisional Booking Form or read some further advice on mediation Scheme mediation agreement 2012 . We will get back to you within 2 days with a mediator who will then guide you through the mediation process. If you are undecided which sort of Scheme mediation best suits your case then either tick the appropriate box and one of our advisers will contact you. We are here to help.

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