30 January 2024

What Makes Mediators Tick?

What Makes Mediators Tick?

Are mediators drawn to the profession because they already possess some conflict management skills or specific peacemaking traits? Or is because they want to develop them? How do mediators' personal traits affect their mediation practice? Can any one be trained to be a great mediator or do mediators need certain innate traits? Is there a key trait that is many mediators share? While an hour is not nearly enough to answer all the questions above, Charlie will talk about what he's discovered in his research, how that informs his thoughts about his own practice and discuss what that might mean for us. Charlie Irvine has an MSc (with Distinction) in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies from Birkbeck College, University of London and is a Senior Teaching Fellow at University of Strathclyde. He is the Course Leader on the University of Strathclyde’s MSc/LLM in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and Director of Strathclyde Mediation Clinic, who recently won the Community Contribution Award at Scottish Legal Awards event. He is an experienced mediator specialising in organisational and workplace disputes. Charlie's academic work focuses on mediation in the justice system, and he is currently completing PhD research into mediation participants and their reasons for settling.

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