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Free Mediation Scheme

This URBAN SOLUTIONS no cost scheme is available to some charities and to private individuals who we agree to help enabling them to access mediation at no cost to them.

For charities applying for fee remission please apply online to Fiona Green. With internal disputes there may well be no fee at all; however where a charity is involved with a dispute with an ineligible party then we reserve the right to ask for a fee or not – again subject to the overall agreement of that party to participate in the scheme.

For private individuals seeking assistance please complete the form here and return it to us. There is no set criteria for but sufficient evidence of housing or other benefits ought to be provided and attached or sent with the form here . One, other or all the parties can apply for fee remissions and the Association has complete discretion to allow the application(s) for one or more applicants/parties.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a dispute resolution process where an independent neutral mediator assists the parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to settle their dispute. It is entirely confidential, and can take place with or without legal representatives. It will suit most disputes – provided there is genuine commitment to the process, The majority of mediations take less than a day and have satisfactory outcomes; even those that don’t then settle on the day usually do so shortly afterwards. It is compatible with conventional litigation and is often used in association with it. And has a high satisfaction rating.

The Benefits…

  • Mediation can deal with all issues and often produces outcomes that no court could order.
  • Mediation can deal with all issues and often produces outcomes that no court could order.
  • It reduces risk, is cost effective and can be set up quickly It allows the parties to participate in and control the process.
  • It can provide an agreed and certain outcome, rather than the risk of going to a court trial.
  • It is tried tested and it works.

What Do We Do?

Litigation or other very formal processes are costly– not just the financial costs, but the stress, delay, disruption to business relations – all these add to the pressures and often become totally disproportionate to what’s in dispute. Mediation used at the appropriate time is usually far more effective at obtaining a speedy, satisfactory and relatively inexpensive solution to problems.

The mediator literally works with all the parties so that they are able to make their own decision, and the mediator isn’t there to impose a decision like a judge. That’s why we say the parties are in control – it is entirely voluntary and private, and mediation represents the best chance of everyone doing a deal on the day. We work with the government, with local courts lawyers and other organisations in the north of England in promoting better ways of managing and resolving conflict. Our special interest group provides support and a point of focus for our mediators who are involved in voluntary community mediations, community mediation groups and this pro bono mediation scheme provides help to charities and social enterprises in dealing with disputes in the workplace and the wider community.

Who Are The Community Support Mediators?

Our group of mediators includes solicitors, accountants, quantity surveyors and other professionals who have a wide experience of dealing with disputes arising out of a variety of legal ,workplace and community disputes.

Advice & Information

ANM’s members provide informal free advice and assistance to parties and their representatives about mediation and its use to resolve disputes. This can be either at a meeting or by phone. They will give guidance as to whether your case is suitable for mediation or some other process.

How To Apply?

The scheme is free of charge to charities and individuals who qualify for help. If you apply using the form sent to you or downloadable from the website we will look at what the dispute is about and the surrounding circumstances. We will ask you to provide us with the reasons why you consider that you are a suitable applicant for the free mediation scheme. There is no set test and it is entirely in the discretion of ANM to assess the application in terms of charitable, social enterprise or public benefit. The other party or parties means may or may not be relevant although we may have to ask for certain details from them as well. It may be that the other party pays no more than the standard fee per party if it does not qualify as well for support under this scheme. We then will select a mediator who will arrange a time limited mediation to include preparation as well as meeting time.

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