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Colin Stewart Robertson

West Yorkshire

0113 284 2859 /m 07801225700

Practice area

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Employment


Colin Robertson specialised throughout his Chartered Surveyor career in representing and defending clients in contractual/financial claims and acting as their negotiator. It was tough work and required a good ability to swiftly assess as to what was the core of the dispute and how it could be resolved.

Commissions and clients ranged from internationally renowned projects to petrochemical/gas/rail and private development, throughout the UK, Europe, USA, Russia and the Middle East.

It’s this experience that gives him considerable insight into how disputes can be resolved, whether it’s a multi-million pound Commercial dispute, a £50k extension, Boundary/Neighbour problems or a Workplace dispute between employees. The common denominator is people, personalities, external pressures and communication breakdown.

Mediation clients have ranged from major Yorkshire organisations to simple builder/client disputes and householders.

Colin’s expertise enables him to swiftly identify the relevant and material factors preventing the parties from achieving a settlement and is not afraid to push the parties to make that effort.

Colin also carries out pro bono Community/Neighbourhood mediation work for Local Authorities and Housing Organisations in association with Yorkshire Mediation, a charity based in Leeds.

Date accredited : 2012



Elmfield House, Old Lane, Bramhope, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 9AY

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