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Dr Cynthia Shola Johnson

West Yorkshire

+44 7500 948 568


Practice area

  • Boundary Disputes
  • employment & workplace
  • Personal Injury & Medical Negligence
  • property


Working as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS over many years opened my eyes to the many forms and faces of conflict and I came to realise the invaluable and transforming effect of mediation so I decided to become one.

Striving to find a middle ground between clients in mediation whether civil, work related or community remains for me a worthwhile and creative endeavour, which I know from my range of experience improves and addresses conflict situations and decreases levels of stress and distress in a truly unique and helpful way.

I have a passionate belief in mediation and value the trust put in me as a mediator and engage impartially, transparently and flexibly with clients to help facilitate workable and sustainable solutions to their conflicts.

Date accredited :

June 2014: Civil Mediation certification

January 2016: National Employment and Workplace Mediation Certification

July 2016 : Community Mediation Certification

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