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ANM Summer School 2018 at Malham on 1-2 June

2018 Malham Summer school 1-2 June 2018

From Anthony Glaister

It’s been 18 years since ANM started running summer schools for members and invited guests. This year’s surpassed our expectations with the great Scottish mediator John Sturrock joined by Jane Gunn. Suffice to say we went away renewed and reinvigorated and ready not just to take on the challenges that come our way, but to seek new challenges pro-actively. So Richard Holloway’s book ‘Waiting for the last bus’ will have to remain on our reading lists for a while yet as too much beckons as one strives to be ‘humbly audacious’ by ‘breaking the rules without breaking the process’. Opening our hearts minds and souls to each other was yet again what we expect from spending a short while together in Malham Tarn, which we all found so endearing, humbling and indeed cathartic. It was very special. Those fortunate enough to have chosen 2018 to come to the summer school were unanimous in their appreciation to John and Jane for once again giving us such a valuable mediation retreat.

From John Sturrock

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Internation Mediators' Tartan

Some of you asked about the wonderful International Mediators Tartan. Scarves are available upon request from Andrew Burnet at andrew@andrewburnet.co.uk. Bow ties, trews, kilts, waistcoats etc can be purchased from Gordon Nicholson, kiltmaker, at gbnicholson@gmail.com.

In both instances, please mention my name (John Sturrock) and say I have put you in contact directly.

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Very best to you all


From Jane Gunn

This video sums up many of the themes from the workshop.

 "Black and White to Fifty Shades of Pink” -