This term is most frequently encountered in the construction industry. Adjudication is a binding decision made by an appointed neutral, often a quantity surveyor, either by deciding on the basis of submitted documents, or as is increasingly the case, after a hearing. It is designed to provide a speedy, if not always elegant, resolution to enable work to continue on site without interruption. Either party may appeal the adjudicator’s decision to court or arbitration, or indeed settle the dispute by mediation. The Housing, Grants, Regeneration Act 1996 has greatly increased the use of adjudication.

  • Dilapidations
  • Management and partnerships
  • Rural sports
  • Adjoining owners / rights of way
  • Housing
  • Feed and materials supply
  • Valuations and professional negligence

Choosing the right mediator is important at the best of times – that is, right in terms of temperament, background and presence. Many ANM mediators regularly mediate disputes involving rights of way, boundaries, easements and covenants, land use, joint ventures and partnerships involving land.

Rural disputes

Disputes in rural areas have particular characteristics of their own and we have members with rural experience particularly able to help resolve disputes in this environment. Agricultural activities produce their own range of problems including; landownership or tenancy, livestock and crops, contracts, equipment, boundaries, minerals, sporting activities, inheritance, succession and retirement land access and use, etc. Families, businesses and history are often involved, and in many cases there can be a need to retain important links and limit damage to vital relationships. In many cases no court could resolve all the interwoven strands that need to be addressed. The rural environment is far less agriculture based than it was and the increase in residential property and businesses in the countryside have produced fertile ground for a range of disputes and problems which can be very different from those in towns or cities. In recognition of the particular needs of those in the rural community the Association of Northern Mediators has created a Rural Special Interest Group of mediators with specialist knowledge of agriculture, rural communities and those living and working in the countryside.

ANM Rural Special Interest Group (RUSIG)

Our RUSIG group of rural based mediators includes farmers, rural surveyors, lawyers and property and professional specialists who have a wide experience of dealing with issues and disputes in the rural world.