Our property mediators are drawn predominantly from the legal and surveying professions. This category includes boundary, landlord and tenant disputes.

Mark Twain famously said "Buy land – they’re not making it any more." Whatever the merits of this advice, ownership of land engenders strong feelings which fuel or underpin many disputes. Property is so much part of our everyday lives. Most of us are homeowners or residential tenants. We go to work in offices, shops, factories and warehouses. Much of our leisure time is spent in the built environment. Examples of property disputes include:

  • Ownership
  • Rights of way
  • Boundaries
  • Development and overage agreements
  • Commercial and residential landlord and tenant
  • Service charge
  • Repairing obligations and dilapidations
  • Inheritance
  • Planning and land use
  • Construction and building disputes

The outcome of litigation is never certain, and this is particularly true of disputes arising from the occupation of land and buildings, where there will be a number of factual and legal issues, which could go back a number of years. A mediated settlement gives the parties certainty and allows them to bring a difficult episode in their lives to a conclusion on terms they can live with going forward.