Our agricultural/rural mediators regularly handle all types of mediation that concern the countryside
Banking & Financial
Banking and the financial sector generally generate more and more complaints. ANM can help you to select the most appropriate mediator.
Construction & Engineering
Our construction panel are almost all construction industry professionals such as architects, CIOB members, lawyers, or surveyors
Contractual Disputes
These mediations include consumer, retail and other contractual matters (excluding employment).
Employment (including Workplace)
Specialist mediations covering disputes between employer and employee and between workplace colleagues
Media & Communications
These mediations include Information Technology, Intellectual Property & Defamation
Partnership & Shareholder Disputes
These mediations include business partnerships, "business divorces", shareholder disputes and family business disputes.
Personal Injury & Medical Negligence
These mediators come from both medical and legal backgrounds.
Professional Negligence Claims
These mediators deal with claims against professionals such as accountants and lawyers, but not medical professionals (see personal injury & clinical negligence for this).
Our property mediators are drawn predominantly from the legal and surveying professions. This category includes boundary, landlord and tenant disputes.
Small Claims
These mediations are where the value of the dispute is less than £10,000 and often include clients who are not legally represented.
Trusts Wills & Probate
Mediation is highly suitable for these sorts of disputes sometimes making it possible to transform relationships for the better.