21 June 2023 |ANM News|CPD

Summer School 2023

A full and fulfilling time at the ASSOCIATION OF NORTHERN MEDIATORS Summer School at High Trenhouse in North Yorkshire. Michael Lang and Ava Abramowitz designed a thought provoking programme on reflecting on our practice. What opened our eyes was the input from the wonderful Huthwaite International Team Tony Hughes, Nick Martin and Shaun James who unobtrusively coded our communication behaviours in the exercises, not only holding up an impartial mirror, but also providing some potential tools to enhance practice.
Through the wonders of Zoom, Michael joined us every day (despite having to rise at 04:00 am as he was on Florida time, not North Yorkshire as the rest of us. Ava and Michael's passion, knowledge, experience, and gentle humour made it an inspiring, educational and enjoyable experience! Thanks also to Anthony Glaister for being the driving force behind this annual event and his commitment to supporting and educating mediators. Thanks to all the attendees for entering into the spirit and participating despite initial misgivings--from the feedback it was one of the best Summer Schools yet. The folks at High Trenhouse provided everything we needed and more with smiles and flexibility. Even the weather blessed us!! so my heart is full of gratitude and my head full of ideas. Ava Abramowitz and Michael Lang you are indeed a magical team!!